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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Getting More Bang For Your Buck With Pest Control Marketing

Getting more for our money is the American way. Coupons, rebates, bargain hunting blogs, there are a million ways folks try to get every dollar to stretch just a little further. Your pest control marketing budget is no different. You need to get the most of your money and that means making strategic decisions about where you spend your advertising dollars.
And according to the latest research on where American consumers look for contractors, you need to spend your money in online advertising. Yelp for Business Owners reports that 85 percent of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. This means the average customer looking for a pest control contractor isn’t looking for you in print advertising, on the radio, or in the white pages anymore. They are looking for you online.
The question is, will they find you?
Paid Search Marketing
There are several ways to spend your marketing pest control dollars. One way is to go the more “traditional” online route of paid search marketing. Google AdWords is the place to start because Google is the number one search engine by a long shot. We know your potential customers are online, and we know they are more than likely using Google.
Paid search marketing includes pay per click ads that appear in a potential customer’s search results. These are highly targeted and local, matching up a searcher’s physical location and choice of keywords with your ad. AdWords has several powerful tools that allow you to track the success of your ads and make adjustments in order to maximize matches between potential clients and your ads.
While it can be extremely effective, Google Adwords can be a complicated beast. I highly recommend you consult a marketing company experienced in doing Google Adwords for pest control companies to handle your campaign.
Website Development and Maintenance
Of course, online ads work best if potential clients can follow an ad through to a high-quality pest control website. Building and maintaining a website where clients can learn about your pest control services and products will further drive business.
It may seem like a web site should be maintained by a tech department, but in reality, websites are marketing tools and marketing pest control budgets should include set aside to maximize the website so it converts visitors to sales.
Organic Search Marketing
Paid searches work efficiently and effectively to tap into new customer bases, but other customers will find you through more organic searches of content. To ensure clients find your website, you must invest time and money into content development and social media campaigns in order to optimize your search engine results.
Content like blogs, videos, and infographics increase a potential client’s engagement with your company and your brand making them more likely to convert into a sale or contract. It’s often not feasible for small businesses to take on this work in-house, though, so using a portion of your marketing pest control budget can go a long way.
Google Local Optimization
Your potential customers are using local and mobile search on their mobile phones and tablets more than any time in history. Getting your pest control business on the google map, and getting it ranked has never been more important to a pest control operator.
The most important steps are to claim and optimize your google business listing, establish a consistent name, address and phone number, or NAP, across all of your online directories, and putting a system in place to request and collect online reviews from your existing customers, in your real service areas. Getting your business on the google map, provides the best return on investment to a local pest control business.
Reputation Management
We’ve previously established that your potential customers are looking for you online. You need to make sure that what they find online accurately reflects the image you want to portray. Business review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook and Foursquare can drive customers to or away from you. Monitoring these sites and adding to them with customer testimonials and reviews means your best self always shines through and attracts even more clients.
Take a look at how you’re spending your advertising budget. Are you getting the most for your money? Is it time to try to get a little bit more? Focus your advertising online and make sure you are there when your customers come looking.
Need Help?
Are you struggling with your online marketing? Not sure where your advertising dollars are going? Are you having trouble tracking the ROI of your advertising campaigns? Call us! Let our expert team of pest control marketers handle it! We specialize in online marketing for pest control operator just like you. Let us show you how we can grow your pest control business.
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